Talking Tech: The Companies That Dominated May 2015

We’re always sad to see the back of May. It’s hotter than April, which tends to promise sunshine without delivering (there’s a reason T.S. Eliot called it ‘the cruellest month’), there’s Morris dancing, and you get two bank holidays, which is two more than you get in February, June, July, September, October, or November. But we’re especially sad that May 2015 is over, because it was a truly stupendous month for our clients, who got plenty of well-deserved media coverage.
Over 31 days, it was hard to escape these guys – not that you’d want to (unless you hate cool people, in which case we’re very sorry for you).


A relatively new addition to the TopLine stable, iFollowOffice have come to liberate your workplace with their flexible cloud desktops. Want to check your emails while you’re attending a busy conference? If you have an internet connection, you’re set. Want to work from a train, plane, or other automobile? You can! Want to work on holiday? Don’t do that, you’re on holiday. But with iFollowOffice, you at least have the option.

We’re glad to have them on board, and we’re even happier that they’re talking to The Daily Telegraph about their areas of expertise. In an article for their business section, CEO Simon Osman offered some excellent insights about how companies can reduce their IT costs


It’s no surprise that people are talking about Sonovate, the recruitment finance company that’s been laying Ivan Drago-worthy beatdowns on the banks’ unfair practices for a good while now. They’ve won gong after gong of late, having won the Technology Innovation category at the Recruitment Awards and named in the Everline Future 50 and FintechCity’s Hot Ten. Soon enough, a single trophy case isn’t going to be sufficient – these guys will need a vault.
But when they’re not winning awards, you can’t get away from them. CEO Richard Prime’s thoughts on the General Election’s implications for business were sought by The Guardian, where he provided characteristically wise comment for the paper’s small business section.

Indeed, Sonovate got all sorts of well-earned recognition in May. Not only did they make the Startups 100, they made the Top 10!

Stott and May               

If you’re familiar with Stott and May, you’re almost certainly familiar with their unusual story. Not every recruitment company was started by a former professional footballer, after all; it’s not exactly a vertical career move! Still, when you think about it, it kind of makes sense. This isn’t to say HR pros should slide tackle their opponents or anything, but there’s a degree of overlap which may partially account for Stott and May’s staggering success.

CityAm certainly seem to agree: they published a fascinating article by CEO Stephen Stott about lessons from his sporting career that he applies to recruitment on a daily basis. Teamwork, attention to detail, the willingness to make tough choices and sacrifices if necessary: these are fundamental elements of professional sports and staffing alike. A great read from a great client!

Essentia Analytics

Finally, no coverage roundup would be complete without a mention of Essentia Analytics, the behavioural finance company that’s been racking up so many awards and nominations that it must be getting kind of boring. When they’re not hobnobbing with BoJo, they’ve been providing expert comment for the BBC; when they’re not being named a Guardian Startup of the Year, they’re casually announcing that they’ve appointed some of the most important names in investment to their board like it’s no major thing. We’d be happy for them, but they’re not really big on emotion. 

Accordingly, May has been another month where people can’t stop talking about Essentia Analytics. Check out this piece from The Times, where Clare Flynn-Levy – the First Lady of Fintech – speaks to Alexandra Frean about why investors shouldn’t trust their instincts.

What do these companies have in common? They’re all AMAZING. And also, our clients. If you fancy appearing in a major publication and being the talk of whatever town you’re from, talk to one of our B2B PR experts today.