Video Corner: Using ND filters – or how to film interviews that don’t make your eyes bleed

Where film and video are concerned, lighting is everything. There are some obvious reasons for this. Your company probably didn’t set out to make a horror film, so your subjects – be them interviewees, actors, or anyone else – should not be shrouded in darkness. Equally, an impressive set or location – your company HQ, for example – should always be well illuminated and shown off. More than anything, however, lighting also defines the visual ‘feel’ of a production, whether that’s to evoke fun, sobriety, or energy. To get your message across in the right way, it’s important to do it correctly.
Before getting into the nitty gritty of using ND filters, it’s worth looking into why filmmakers bring them to set in the first place. When working with natural light (normally by a big window overlooking that ‘amazing London skyline’), as you frequently will be when making interview videos, things won’t always run as planned.
The sun, in particular, can be a bit of a diva, throwing shade on your production by hiding behind clouds when you need some light or showing off when less light is required. This causes mayhem for talking head video production and can result in your luminary interviewee appearing like the famously anonymous Andy McNab. Fear not, video fans for there is light at the end of the tunnel (sorry!): if you use ND filters you’ll shoot your video in quite literally the best possible light. 

Don’t be in the dark (puns will stop soon, promise): in this inaugural entry in our Video Corner series, our esteemed director Jamie Field explains how to properly use ND filters. 

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