Talkin’ Tech: the companies that dominated June 2015

If you’re a frequent patron of the TopLine blog (hello, Mother), you’ll know that May 2015 was a fantastic month for tech companies. July’s shaping up to be pretty decent as well, but let us not forget June, a month where there was enough explosive, interesting tech talk to fill up an Isaac Asimov anthology – without the dystopian stuff, the vaguely sinister robots, or the bottomless moral quagmires. Don’t worry, we only work with the good guys – it always warms the heart to see great organisations getting the coverage they deserve.

Anyway, enough digression and preamble – let’s talk about some tech companies!


As a data marketing agency, Celerity was always going to appeal to us; we like data and we like marketing. We were ecstatic to learn that The Times’ Raconteur felt the same way: CEO Jason Lark offered his unique insights for a feature on the technologies changing the way we shop.


2015 has been a pretty good year for selfie sticks, Serena Williams, and tattooed gnome Ed Sheeran, but they’ve got nothing on Geonomics. Since its start in 2008, it’s gone from strength to strength, but there is a real sense over these past few months that all the hard work and innovation is seriously paying off. When they write the history of location-based lotto games in the future – and they surely will – the scribes will record 2015 as the Year of Geonomics.

Geonomics has launched new products. It’s won awards. It’s designed an improbable, but somehow perfect combination of early 2000’s gangsta rap and 18th century piratical adventure that totally works – even as it violates every law of space and time. And, of course, it’s had its first ever millionaire. Congrats, Roy!

Anyway, Geonomics has also been all over the media lately, and for good reason. It was named one of The Guardian’s smarter working businesses, and absurdly youthful co-founder Henry Oakes (seriously, we don’t know of any other people who were that accomplished by the age of 25. Keats, maybe. Orson Welles directed Citizen Kane by 25, but then he kind of went off the deep end with those frozen pea commercials) spoke to The Telegraph about “gamebling” (his own coinage, of course).


Look, life is harder and harder to manage in these busy times. There’s too much stuff to do, too many people to please, and only so many hours in the day. Making a good decision with limited time is incredibly tough. That’s where sales-i comes in. Its business intelligence software makes the average salesperson come off like Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross.
Like Geonomics, it was recently named one of The Guardian’s smarter working businesses. Good job, guys!


Lottovate is another one of our favourites. In June 2015, the digital lottery experts made two special appearances in LaFleur’s Magazine – one of the most influential trade publications in the lottery space. The first covered its appearance at the magazine’s annual symposium, where it unleashed its must-read whitepaper on the state of lottery marketing to rapturous reception and participated in a panel discussion featuring some of the pre-eminent names in the field. We understand there was also some networking.

The second related to its sponsoring of Strikes! For Responsible Gaming, a charity bowling event dedicated to preventing gambling addiction. A great cause for a great company. Hooray for Lottovate!

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