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You might think you can apply traditional B2B tech PR and marketing principles to SaaS, but you’d be completely wrong. The truth is, they’re two entirely different ball games, and it takes entirely different tactics to succeed – after all, just because you have a great golf swing doesn’t mean you’ll be any good at jai alai.

Heather Baker, TopLine CEO, knows SaaS marketing like a Kodiak bear knows salmon fishing, and has handily provided a step-by-step introduction about how best to market your cloud technology business: The SaaS Marketing Formula.

And if you make the right moves, your cloud technology business will boom. The market is projected to grow to $133bn by 2020 – less than five years away. Enterprising SaaS companies have an excellent chance of seizing a large piece of this pie. The SaaS Marketing Formula equips cloud technology companies with the marketing know how to attract customers and gain that all important market share.

You don’t need to be told how important it is to understand your target market, generate leads, and project a compelling value proposition, but there’s far more to SaaS marketing than that. This guide features tips on overcoming issues of client retention, dealing with quarrelsome IT departments, and making sure you get the most value out of your customer base.

Heather's also highlighted some potential danger zones where SaaS marketers often stray – so if nothing else, you’ll be able to avoid the most embarrassing pitfalls of the trade!

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