Talkin’ tech: the companies that rocked the media in November 2015


The end is nigh! As 2015 draws to a close, you’d be forgiven for thinking that cool tech stuff would also be calming down a bit. Christmas isn’t far, and Christmas music, for better or worse (worse) is all around us already. New Year, with the hootenanny and the public inebriation and whatnot is pretty close too. There’s also a new Star Wars, and that’s certainly an important thing if you’re a small child or a friendless adult.

But if November was any indication, cool tech stuff isn’t slowing down at all, and our December edition of this blog should be exciting indeed. Watch this space – but in the meantime, check out our retrospective of the month that was.


Payment provider WPM had a very good 30 days. With universities and colleges facing significant cuts over the last year – and with the re-elected Conservative government now unshackled from the tempering influence of the Liberal Democrats – education is facing something of a financial rough patch; one that could last until at least 2020, and quite possibly beyond.

Managing director Holger Bollman has been providing his expert cost-cutting counsel to institutes of learning in several publications, including the print edition of Education Investor, FE News, and FE Week.

For FE colleges and universities, it always pays to think about payment.


Guardian Startup of the Year Sonovate has had an excellent 2015 so far, and the company’s leadership would be forgiven if it took the last few months of the year to just chill out, collect its thoughts, and prepare for a 2016 that looks to be even busier.

Of course, some people just won’t be told when to take a well-earned break, and co-CEO Richard Prime is one of them. Your article for Alt-Fi on becoming a disruptor (in the actual sense, not the buzzword-y sense) was terrific, as usual. But good god, man – get some sleep!


It’s no surprise that Geonomics, the geo-gaming gurus, are constantly making efforts to put themselves on the map – but this past November was something else. 

At Voxxed, the company’s custom-built agile methodology, The Learning Machine, was written up in fascinating detail by COO Helen Crosby; co-founders Henry and James Oakes were profiled in Real Business; and Henry wrote for E Gaming Review about the lessons the gambling industry could stand to learn from online gaming.

What’s more, the company has been active in providing recruitment advice for aspiring software developers, both at its own site and for outlets like Guru Careers

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