Download The Essential B2B Guide to SEO

Download The Essential B2B Guide to SEO

Do you mistake links for medium-sized wild cats native to the boreal forests of Eurasia? Do you consider web crawling to be some kind of extreme sport?

Well, obviously not. Just because you don’t know search engine optimisation (SEO) doesn’t make you a total fool. But if you don’t know about SEO, we can help you brush up – and, speaking from experience, you definitely want to brush up. Rank highly enough on Google and you’ll improve your visibility, web traffic, brand awareness and leads (which will definitely lead to higher revenues).

Our eBook, an updated B2B Guide to SEO includes tips for optimising your site, generating relevant, Google-friendly traffic, and finding an agency that knows what it’s doing.  It also explains arcane search terminology such as SERP, PageRank, and linkbuilding.

If you don’t know your Pandas from your Penguins, download our SEO eBook by clicking the picture below!