TopLine achieves “recommended” status

TopLine achieves “recommended” status

Common folklore holds that bad news always comes in threes (given what happened to David Bowie and Prince earlier this year, we can only hope that Paul McCartney has hired a team of doctors and a Praetorian Guard).

Happily, our recent experience indicates that the reverse is also true. We recently reached HubSpot Gold status, we became one of PR Week’s top UK agencies, and now we have also hit “recommended” status on Recommended Agencies Register (RAR). Now, we’ve been a very recommendable agency for a long time. In fact, we’ve been outright commendable: our clients are happy, they like us, and they tell their friends. You can’t get more recommendable than that.

But it’s nice when it’s made official, you know? Leonardo DiCaprio was doing next-level work for years, and then he got the Oscar for The Revenant, and you could tell he was very proud of himself – even though his actual performance was mostly just grunting and bleeding. It’s a very similar feeling here, but without the grunting, the bleeding, or the substantial TV audience.

Anyway, our clients have recommended us for corporate video, digital animation, online video production, media relations, B2B PR, PR strategy, content marketing, SEO, awards consultancy, and content strategy/creation – every service we listed on the site. It’s clear that our clients are pleased with us, and when our clients are pleased with us, we’re pleased with ourselves.

If you fancy boning up on TopLine history, reading some glowing testimonials, learning all about our myriad award wins, and checking out some fascinating, transformative case studies, then, well, stay on the site. All that stuff is right here.

But if you want to read about it on the Recommended Agencies Register instead, you certainly can.

Want to talk marketing, PR, or video? We highly recommend getting in touch with TopLine founder Heather Baker.