When the going gets tough, TopLiners get muddy

When the going gets tough, TopLiners get muddy

We like to think of ourselves as a bunch of nifty people who get a real kick out of sharing  some crazy fun times out of the office. We work and play as a team on a daily basis, pulling together to deliver great results for our clients, having a laugh (even on Mondays), and making each other tea. Well, the latter still requires a bit of training but Devon is on it.
So being the fun-loving, hard-working, always-up-for-a-challenge types that we are, we decided to take it up a notch. At least we think that’s what propelled us into signing up for Tough Mudder: a 13-mile obstacle course made entirely of, yes, mud and mean things such as ice baths and shock wires. Or perhaps we’re all just mad and need our heads read. In any event, we did it! For some of us it was an experience to be cherished until the end of time. For others, not so much. But, one thing is for sure: we smashed it.

"I thought it was a great experience. It showed how much people can achieve when working together – I know that sounds clichéd but it was definitely true for us. In our group there were people of varying fitness levels, but no one got left behind – at every obstacle, we got through it as a team. Everyone helped everyone and made sure we got out alive."
- Dom

"Who knew being electrocuted, swimming through ice, crawling through mud, climbing 12 foot walls and running 13 miles could be so much fun (ok, so it wasn’t all fun) but we were all in it together and it was great to see Team TopLine smash it." - Hannah

“The day was fun and challenging. And funny. To see your teammates’ faces as they tackled an obstacle, and then realise you’ve got the same face! It was awesome working together as a team and everyone finished." - Will

"Not for the faint-hearted. But what a great achievement. And a seriously good team-building exercise." - Sian
If youre keen to get your hands muddy and join the TopLine team, then send your CV through or contact our CEO, Heather Baker, and well give you a shout if we like what we see.