TopLine goes gold – we’re a HubSpot partner agency!

TopLine goes gold – we’re a HubSpot partner agency!

HubSpot: we like it. We said as much in our review. If you’re short on time: it wasn’t always good, but like Seinfeld or Jamie Vardy, it got much better over time. The HubSpot of today is incredible, as if a baby mule grew up to become Pegasus. Use it if you can, and if you can’t, weep bitterly and lament your loss.

Anyway, we’ve become exponentially more efficient, attractive, and successful with this technology, and we’re nothing if not appreciative. So we’ve been using our powers as a HubSpot partner agency to knock on metaphorical doors and spread the non-metaphorical good word. And HubSpot, perhaps uniquely among higher powers, has rewarded our efforts and fealty.

That’s right: we’re HubSpot Gold Partners, and with that shiny badge you see on the left there comes a number of perks and benefits. They’re nice and all, but HubSpot is its own reward.

Since we started using the platform last year, we’ve generated 352 leads, increased profits by 46%, and grown by 29%. We’ve exceeded expectations at every turn and smashed our targets into paste. Our friends envy us, and our enemies fear us throughout the land.

We can’t reasonably attribute all of this progress to being a HubSpot partner agency, of course: having a LeCreuset won’t make you Marco Pierre White. At TopLine, we’ve been doing good work for years: our PR efforts mean our clients are seldom out the news; our video work is colourful, professional, and on-brand; and our SEO efforts are like cream – they always rise to the top.

But the inescapable fact is this: all of that stuff is significantly simpler with HubSpot. Once you get to grips with the software, it becomes easier to forget about minutia and systemic inefficiencies, about flipping constantly from email platform to social platform to CMS – and therefore easier to focus on the things that matter. There’s no better way to start, finish, and measure marketing campaigns: it’s the best at everything it does, and it does almost everything: from landing pages and calls-to-action to tweets and analytics.

We’re delighted to be HubSpot partners. The aforementioned perks are, again, very nice indeed. More than anything, though, we think it’s a demonstration of faith.

It says one thing loud, clear, and in 24-carat gold: we know marketing automation, we know HubSpot – and if you don’t believe us, ask HubSpot!

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