TopLine Comms Case Study Infographic image. Text on image: Block one – Introduction - Read on to find out how we smashed it last year. Block two – Objectives - We had plenty of objectives for 2015, but our biggest goal was to grow by 20%. To do this, we’d have to generate many more inbound leads. A tall order for a smallish agency – or so you’d think! Block three – Strategy - We conducted a comms audit on ourselves, we researched the market, we looked at competitors and we decided that an integrated marketing strategy was the way to go. We knew that relying on pure PR, PPC, SEO or content marketing wasn't going to get us close enough to our ambitious objectives. Block four – Decisions - We decided: 1) That strategy was everything. So once our plan was designed we would only work on things that supported it. 2) To treat our website as an investment, not a cost. When a form needs to be moved to increase conversions, we are happy to get the developers to move it. 3) To be a bold and take a few risks. The cheapest, easiest route wasn't going to cut it. 4) To prioritise long term gain over short term results. We want to grow 20% every year. 5) To be open and share. We gave every member of the team who was involved full visibility into the whole marketing strategy: we trust our people, we don't need to hide things from them, and we know that people do better work when they have context. 6) That no channel could operate successfully in isolation. We wanted common threads, messages and themes to run through all our marketing. Block five – Getting started - We spent ayyges researching our target market, developing personas, brainstorming angles, tying them in to hooks. We took all this intel and turned it into an integrated marketing plan, detailing activity by channel and by month. This was a painstaking process, but it gave us proper alignment. Our strategy included: 1) Content with a purpose: every piece of content we produced - for our blog, for our website, for someone else’s blog, for our video cards – has a clear purpose. It might not have always been obvious to the reader / viewer what that purpose was, but it was clear to us - if it didn't have a point, we took it out of our strategy. 2) PR for links: because of limited resources, we focused our PR efforts purely on outlets that would link back to us and support our SEO efforts. 3) SEO for keywords we could rank for: we spotted opportunities to rank for some important, high-potential lead gen search terms and we went for them. Carpe…um…keywords! 4) PPC for keywords we couldn't rank for: we didn't want to be too reliant on AdWords, but we also knew that a well-structured B2B PPC campaign is like having a Howitzer in your marketing arsenal. 5) Events for all the things a website can’t deliver: we exhibited, attended, spoke at, and networked the figurative pants off a host of marketing and industry events. 6) HubSpot for managing it all: The mothership! We researched our software options and chose HubSpot to manage our database and drive our integrated strategy. At first, we underestimated its complexity. So we worked freakin hard to become HubSpot experts, and the platform became an integral part of our strategy. Totally worth it. Block six – Kept our eyes on the prize - At every point we knew what we were trying to achieve. Not every tactic paid off, but we maintained our focus. When things went wrong, we course-corrected. When things went right, we did more of them. Block seven – We smashed it! - In 2015 we: 1) Generated 32 followed links to our site with an average DA of 43. 2) Generated 352 leads 3) Closed 58 deals across our video and integrated comms departments 4) Built a clean database of over 3,000 prospects 5) Were shortlisted for 7 awards, and won 2 6) Ranked on in the top 3 on Google for 20 keywords. Block eight – All this meant… - 1) We grew 29%, well beyond our 20% target 2) And we increased our profits by a staggering 46%. We know integrated marketing strategy – talk to our CEO if you’re interested in discussing yours.

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