Impero Case Study Infographic image. Text on image: Block one – Introduction - Impero, the UK’s leading classroom and network management software provider, was launching a new radicalisation dictionary as part of its Education Pro software. Block two – Objectives - Impero needed to: 1) Educate teachers and parents about the radicalisation of children online 2) Be positioned as an authority on the issue of helping schools to protect children online 3) Launch its new radicalisation keyword glossary. Block three – Strategy - To make Impero the software provider synonymous with counter radicalisation, we: 1) Trained Impero’s spokespeople to handle questions around this sensitive issue 2) Submitted requests under the Freedom of Information Act related to data breaches in UK schools to generate a strong data set to act as a hook for the story 3) Worked with Impero’s radicalisation advisor charity to develop a nationally-relevant story 4) Developed a targeted list of online, offline and broadcast media who might be interested in the Impero story 5) Got personal: each relevant journalist received a personal approach (phone first, then email) inviting them to cover the story 6) Dominated the conversation on radicalisation at prominent education trade shows, such as BETT. Block four – Results - The campaign achieved: 1) hits, including BBC (radio, TV and online); The Daily Mail, The Guardian, LBC, Al Jazeera, Buzzfeed, ITV, Sky News, and The Independent 2) 26 followed links from websites with an average domain authority of 45 (a key SEO metric) 3) 10,304 social shares and counting 4) 263% increase in website traffic 5) Leads for Impero from current customers, schools in the UK and abroad, and even foreign governments. Block five – Testimonial - This has been an extremely successful campaign. It has generated a lot of interest, not only from our existing customers but also from schools, local authorities across the country, and governments from abroad that are looking to find ways to stop radicalization. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve any of this without the TopLine team and I really couldn’t recommend them more highly. - Sally-Ann Griffiths, e-safety development manager at Impero Software.

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