Name (click an award for more info)Entry deadlineRegionCost to enter
The Inspire AwardsAround January 2021UKFree
Bond International Development Awards – Diversity Around January 2021UKFree
Diversity Champion Award and International Inclusion Award 2020Around January 2021GlobalStarting from £395
Diversity in France AwardsAround February 2021FranceFree
National Centre for Diversity Grand AwardsAround February 2021UKFree
National Diversity AwardsAround February 2021NationalTBC
British Diversity AwardsAround February 2021UKTBC
European Diversity AwardsAround February 2021EuropeTBC
Kirkless Council – Inclusion & Diversity Awards Around March 2021UKFree
Bristol Diversity AwardsAround April 2021UKTBC
IATA Diversity & Inclusion AwardsAround April 2021GlobalTBC
The Civil Service Diversity & Inclusion AwardsAround May 2021UKFree
The Inclusive Companies AwardsAugust 6th 2021UKFree
The UK Diversity Legal AwardsAround April 2021UKFree
The Creative Diversity Network Diversity AwardsAround April 2021UKFree
Diversity in Advertising AwardAround July 2021UKFree
Golden Egg Academy – Diversity AwardsJuly 31st 2021UKFree
Global Equality & Diversity Awards Around August 2021GlobalTBC
Diversity in Tech AwardsAround August 2021GlobalTBC
TFL Diversity in Advertising AwardsAround November 2021UKFree
The Forum on Workplace Inlcusino – Diversity Awawrds Around December 2021USAFree
Diversity & Inclusion Heroes AwardsAround December 2021UKFree