HR professionals can be highly elusive and knowing how to get (and retain) their attention is important. Many of our clients see HR professionals as a key contact and yet they can often seem like the hardest person to target. 

To find out how to get their attention we surveyed over 255 UK-based HR professionals across several different industries: particularly those who choose where the departmental budget goes – and who it goes to. 

We asked which professional membership bodies they favour, how much their budgets are increasing and what their priorities are for the year ahead. To find out how and when is best to talk to them about new services and products, we also asked about their spending cycles, when they review their existing suppliers and when their busiest periods are. 

Some results weren’t that surprising – employee wellbeing and GDPR top their list of priorities for 2018 and they read HR-specific media. But they also said that they listen to podcasts, they gave us their top 10 HR software tools (so that you know what your product should be able to integrate with) and a lot of them use up to 10 different social media platforms. So there are lots of ways to reach them – once you know how.  

Attracting the interest of the HR community certainly won’t be easy, but it doesn’t have to be overly complicated either. Complete the form to get your copy.

Simply complete the form to get your copy.