Name (click an award for more info)Entry deadlineRegionCost to enter
Corp Comms Awards September 28th 2021GlobalStarting from £200 + VAT
Strategic Comms AwardsSeptember 28th 2021Global£280 + VAT
Agency of the Year Awards September 30th 2021UKStarting from £550 + VAT
Prolific North Marketing Awards October 8th 2021North of EnglandStarting from £150  + VAT
Top Women In Communications Awards October 22nd 2021GlobalTBC
Communicate Lens AwardsOctober 29th 2021UK & EuropeFree
The Online Influence AwardsAround October 2021UKFree
The Corporate Content Awards Europe Around October 2021EuropeStarting from £195
Northern E-Commerce AwardsAround October 2021UK£120 +VAT
Femvertising AwardsAround October 2021GlobalFree
Premier Digital AwardsAround October 2021UKTBC
CIM Marketing Excellence AwardAround October 2021UK£250 + VAT
Ragan & PR Daily’s Communicators Of The Year November 12th 2021GlobalTBC
Digiday Marketing & Advertising Awards EuropeNovember 12th 2021UKStarting from £350
London Design Awards 2020Around November 2021UKFree
Business Brilliance AwardsAround November 2021GlobalStarting from £250
The FSB Celebrating Small Business AwardsAround November 2021UKFree
Ragan’s Crisis Communications AwardsDecember 10th 2021GlobalTBC
Female Frontier Awards 2020Around December 2021UKStarting from £300
Clio AwardsAround December 2021Global$500 – $1100
The Creative Media AwardsAround December 2021GlobalStarting from $295
Summit Emerging Media AwardsAround December 2021UKStarting from $30
Bulldog PR AwardsAround January 2022UKStarting from $300
PRCA Digital Awards Around February 2022GlobalStarting from £260 + VAT
Association Excellence AwardsAround February 2022UK£195 + VAT
Campaign Events AwardsAround February 2022UK£350 + VAT
European Search AwardsAround March 2022EuropeStarting from £125 + VAT
The Marketing Society AwardsAround March 2022UKStarting from £395 + VAT
Hermes Creative AwardsAround March 2022GlobalStarting from $95
CIPR Excellence AwardsAround March 2022UKStarting from £100 + VAT
TITAN Business Awards Around March 2022GlobalStarting from $65
PR Moment AwardsAround March 2022UKStarting from £150 + VAT
The Drum Roses AwardsAround March 2022UKStarting from £157.50 + VAT
PRCA Dare AwardsAround April 2022BristolTBC
The Purpose Awards Around April 202Europe, Middle East & AfricaStarting from £490 + VAT
Internal Communications and Engagement AwardsAround April 2022UK & EuropeBetween £195 – £295
CRN Sales & Marketing Awards 2020Around April 2022UKTBC
Performance Marketing AwardsAround April 2022UKTBC
Investment Marketing and Innovation AwardsAround April 2022GlobalFree
Digital Impact Awards AsiaAround April 2022AsiaBetween £195 – £295
Channel Champions Around May 2022UKFree
Best Business Awards Around May 2022National£30 + VAT
Caples AwardsAround May 2022GlobalFree
UK Social Media Communications AwardsAround May 2022UK£120 +VAT
Davos Communications Awards Around May 2022GlobalStarting from €90
The Marketing Week Masters AwardsAround May 2022UKStarting from £379 + VAT
IOIC AwardsAround May 2022NationalStarting from £72
Employer Brand Management AwardsAround May 2022UK & EuropeBetween £195 – £295
ITSMA Marketing Excellence Awards Around May 2022GlobalStarting from $495
PR Daily’s Media Relations AwardAround May 2022GlobalStarting from $425
Top track 100Around May 2022UKTBC
Lisbon PR Awards Around May 2022GlobalStarting from €200
Ame AwardsAround May 2022Global$845
Brand Impact AwardsAround June 2022GlobalStarting from £179 + VAT
Web Marketing Association (WMA) WebAwards Around June 2022GlobalStarting from $230
The Global Effie AwardsAround June 2022GlobalStarting from $1,500
PR Week AwardsAround June 2022GlobalStarting from £365
International Business Awards Around June 2022GlobalStarting from $55
Third Sector Excellence Awards Around June 2022UKTBC
UK Agency Awards Around June 2022UKStarting from £150 + VAT
Growing Business AwardsAround June 2022UKTBC
US Search AwardsAround June 2022USAFree
Media Week AwardsAround July 2022UKStarting from £470 + VAT
B2B Marketing AwardsAround July 2022UKStarting from £250 + VAT
PRCA National AwardsAround July 2022UKStarting from £220 + VAT
Corporate Engagement AwardsAround July 2022Europe£295
Ragan’s PR Daily Awards Around July 2022GlobalStarting from $425
Prolific North AwardsAround July 2022GlobalStarting from £95
The London Venue AwardsAround July 2022London£195 +VAT
Event Technology AwardsAround July 2022GlobalStarting from £97.50
The Wires GlobalAround July 2022UKStarting from £300
RAR Digital AwardsAround August 2022GlobalFree
Campaign Big AwardsAround August 2022GlobalTBC
Appealie SaaS AwardsAround August 2022GlobalStarting from $325
Stevie Awards for Women in BusinessAround August 2022GlobalStarts at £0
Social Buzz AwardsAround August 2022UK£145
OTC Marketing Awards Around August 2022UKTBC

Automotive Marketing and Communications Awards

Around August 2022UK


London International Advertising AwardsAround September 2022UK$400 – $1000
The Content Marketing AwardsAround September 2022GlobalStarting from £199 +VAT
Employee Communications AwardsAround September 2022GlobalTBC