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Animated explainer video


Their Brief helps landlords find tenants and manage the lettings process without requiring the help of estate agencies. By registering a rental property on, a landlord can tap into the rental market online and gain access to a range of services such as contract development, gas safety inspections, inventory checking and insurance. asked TopLine to produce a video that explains how the service works in a way that communicates the simplicity of the process and the benefits to the landlord. The end goal was to increase traffic to the website and the average time spent by visitors on the site.

What We Did

TopLine worked with to get the messaging just right, and created an informative yet engaging animated explainer video.


To date there have been 28,000 visits to the video hosting page and most of the visitors have stayed on the page long enough to watch the video to its completion. has also used the video in numerous marketing campaigns that have been successful in generating a high click-through rate to, and engagement with, the company's website.

What They Said

The experience of working with TopLine to produce the video was a smooth one and we know that it has helped our potential customers better understand our services. We would happily use TopLine again.

Simon Knock
Marketing Executive,

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