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Bringing the lottery industry into the 21st century

Bringing the lottery industry into the 21st century
Client: Geonomics

Their Brief

Think of lotteries and the first things that spring to mind might be paper tickets and ball machines. That's the state of affairs UK lottery technology start-up Geonomics set out to challenge when it launched with its suite of online location-based lottery games.

As a new player selling to an established industry, Geonomics tasked TopLine with building recognition and credibility for its brand. 

What We Did

 A highly targeted tech PR campaign positioned Geonomics as a progressive, vibrant company developing lottery games for the twenty-first century through a combination of news announcements, thought leadership articles and interviews in the business and tech press.


The campaign achieved industry-wide recognition of the Geonomics brand, enabling the company to enter commercial discussions with lotteries across the world..

What They Said

The TopLine team do what they can to make you feel like you're their top priority all the time, and as a client you can expect a considered, thoughtful and efficient, service. They make for a pleasant surprise; you get what you want, when you want, for the price agreed, delivered in a personable fashion. It sounds simple, but it doesn't half make a difference.

Henry Oakes
Co-founder, Geonomics

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