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Taking a SaaS vendor to market

Taking a SaaS vendor to market
Client: Bullhorn

Their Brief

When Bullhorn, the US leader in recruitment software was planning its launch into the UK market, it appointed TopLine to help develop its local reputation and attract its first users. The launch brief then turned into a market leader brief and we continued to position Bullhorn as the best recruitment software available to recruiters across the world, while also handling Bullhorn's corporate PR requirements.


What We Did

Based on our understanding of Bullhorn's target market, we developed an integrated communications strategy that highlighted the limitations of traditional hosted recruitment software and pinpointed the benefits cloud software has for the industry. We also built interest and awareness of Bullhorn through news-based articles, success stories, testimonial videos, client engagement campaigns and research reports.


Bullhorn is now the biggest recruitment software provider in the world, and the most talked-about brand in the UK market, with well over 15,000 users. The company’s spokespeople are now the first port of call for journalists writing about recruitment software and are regularly approached by the national and tech media. Want to replicate Bullhorn’s success? Read about our SaaS Marketing Services.

What They Said

Four factors contributed to the unqualified success of Bullhorn's launch into the UK market. They were a great product, a clear and intelligent sales strategy, economic conditions forcing recruiters to become more efficient and the work of TopLine Comms. Within six months we were broadly recognised in the recruitment sector and there is no question now that the perception in the UK recruitment community is that Bullhorn is a market leader.

Peter Linas
International Managing Director, Bullhorn

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