Promoting a payment technology provider to British SMEs

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Promoting a payment technology provider

Promoting a payment technology provider
Client: Cardsave

Their Brief

CardSave, a provider of payment solutions to small businesses in the UK, needed to build its profile among small business owners in order to better compete against its larger competitors and the banks.

What We Did

TopLine presented CardSave CEO Clive Kahn to the media as an expert on card payments, with particular focus on the issues affecting small businesses looking to take card payments for the first time. He represented an authoritative voice on subjects such as PCI compliance, and sought to clarify misunderstandings created by the generalist marketing materials offered by banks. In conjunction with this, TopLine used statistics from surveys, Freedom of Information requests and CardSave business data to promote the use of card over cash.


The result was that CardSave became the most talked-about provider of payment technologies specifically for small businesses in the UK.

What They Said

It is refreshing to deal with a PR and marketing organisation that is as pragmatic and results-focused as TopLine. I can attribute the success of several sales campaigns to the creative input of TopLine. Their knowledge and understanding of social media has allowed us to open up several new sales channels.

Clive Kahn
CEO, Cardsave

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