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Content that generates leads

Content that generates leads
Client: WorldPay

Their Brief

Selling to small businesses can be tough. SME owners are busy, they’re drowning in information and they tend to be sceptical of suppliers.

WorldPay, the country’s leading supplier of card payment solutions, wanted to drive interest in its offering to small businesses, - but it also wanted to provide small businesses with a resource that they could really use.

Rather than meaningless content leading to a hard sell, WorldPay wanted to use its brand to back something small business owners would find truly valuable and which would help reinforce its position as an expert in small business issues. To achieve this, it needed to get creative with content marketing, which is where TopLine came in.

What We Did

TopLine’s first task was to analyse the nature and quality of the existing content targeted at small business owners (we like to base our campaigns on solid data). What we found was mostly bland and lacking in personality – revealing a huge opportunity for anyone ready, willing and able to produce smart, engaging content focused on the people behind small businesses. 

We decided to fill the gap with a dedicated blog,, aimed at celebrating the heroes behind small business, offering readable, entertaining and useful content aimed straight at the SME market.

The blog was launched and quickly became one of the country’s leading small business blogs, catching the attention of politicians and celebrities, generating a loyal following and ultimately becoming a lead gen engine for WorldPay.


Following its launch, sponsored by WorldPay, quickly caught the attention of the UK’s neglected SME market. Just 18 months on, it’s already achieved these results:

  • 12,000+ unique monthly readers    
  • The largest SME Facebook community in the UK
  • Over 500 leads for WorldPay
  • Page 1 Google ranking for over 200 search terms relating to small businesses
  • A mention in Parliament
  • Winner of the UK Social Media Awards Best Business Blog Award 2014

What They Said

Working with TopLine has been brilliant. They truly understand social media, how to engage with an audience, build a community, and how to integrate other digital marketing channels. The results have surprised many in our company. Driving an additional run rate of 50 leads a month from social is impressive.

Maria Surrur
Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager, WorldPay

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