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Measuring Results

Measuring Results

All of our campaigns are underpinned by data and built to achieve maximum reach and influence. We deliver results that are just as meaningful to the CFO as they are to the marketing manager and apply proven scientific principles to strategy design.  

The TopLine Results Framework

Our clients love our tried and tested Results Framework, in which we record objectives, KPIs and core messages and plan strategies for the coming campaign period. That way, all future strategic marketing decisions will be based on hard data and in a single document.

While we offer summaries of results every week, the raw data is also presented in a format that can be analysed to answer important business questions, such as:

  • What actions have been prompted by our digital PR and marketing results this year?
  • How many leads have we generated through digital PR?
  • Which digital activities have had the most impact?
  • What is the most common message portrayed in the media about our organisation?
  • How much positive online media coverage did we achieve in Q1?
  • How many followed links to our website were generated this month?

This system enables us to test campaigns, analyse results and refine strategies in response to real data, which is why our campaigns deliver ever-increasing returns.

If you are looking for a consultancy that cares as much about results as you do, then get in touch with our CEO, Heather, to discuss your brief.

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