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Data driven PR strategy

Data driven PR strategy
From sensational press agentry and shameless publicity to relationship building and stakeholder engagement, public relations has come a long way in the last 100 years.
But times have changed. In olden days, a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking: now, god knows – anything goes. Equally, where it was once possible for wide-ranging media coverage to get the attention of everyone from priests to politicians, it’s not the case in this tech-savvy, data-driven era, which is why you need a technology PR agency that gets digital micro (organic traffic, referrals, followed links etc.) and macro (deals closed, qualified inbound leads generated etc.) measurement.
No business can afford to have its success tied to column inches anymore. Audience attention may be more fickle than it’s ever been, but competition for it remains fierce: so much news, content, and information is useless that the average consumer is predisposed to believe that all of it is.
Still, any announcement of PR’s ‘death’ is premature. Times change, it’s true – but so do people and industries, and PR is more adaptive and resilient than most.
But if what we’ve traditionally called PR – in short, the old “publish & pray” approach – won’t work in this advertising, promotion, and media-saturated climate, then what does?

Post-Web 2.0, a data driven strategy executed by a switched on technoloby PR agency is essential. Whether you want more qualified leads, better brand recognition and recall or more inward investment, your entire comms strategy should start with that specific and measurable end goal in mind. 

Once you know what your end goal is, a data-driven PR strategy will help you stay focused on only those activities likely to yield beneficial results. When you need to nip a crisis in the bud, drum up channel, consumer, or investor support, or simply boost sales, these efforts need to be backed by reliable data. And when they stop working as well as they should (and they will) you may need to iterate on your overall approach – or reinvent it.

Used correctly, a data-driven PR strategy can tell you whether what you’re doing is getting the results you need. This means you can look forward to spending less time on those activities that aren’t working for you – and more time on those activities that mean the most for your business.

We’ve been crafting data driven PR campaigns for years, and can identify the information that matters to your business – and how you can act on it. Talk to a tech PR geek now. 
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