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Recruitment Technology PR Agency

Recruitment Technology PR Agency

Recruitment has changed significantly over the years. It’s no longer about wearing a shiny suit, dunking your head in a big bucket of hair gel, cold calling strangers, and wondering how your life came to be this way. All of those things are still important to staffing professionals, of course, but with the advent of modern technology, the landscape is much different than it was ten – or even five – years ago.

Recruiters are now capable of driving business more quickly and intelligently than ever, and those who seize this advantage are able to entrench themselves at the very top of the industry. This has, in turn, created huge opportunity for enterprising, HR-focused tech companies: anything that can help staffers cut costs or inch their way ahead of the competition is a potential goldmine.

Of course, this is only an opportunity when people know about it. This is where we come in.  

Recruitment technology PR is very much our thing (yeah yeah, we’ve said that on a few other occasions; we’re polymaths, chill out). Ever since there’s been a TopLine, TopLine’s been doing it, and we’ve got pretty good. Ask Bullhorn, the recruitment CRM provider. When it arrived on the local scene, fresh-faced, bright-eyed, well-known in the US but basically unknown to a British audience (kind of like an inverse Robbie Williams), they didn’t know what to do – and so commissioned us to make inroads in its target market. Three years hence (and after much successful PR, content, and video work), Bullhorn is the biggest name in UK recruitment software – and boasts over 10,000 happy users.

Or you could ask Sonovate, who benefited from our recruitment technology PR expertise too. When it started out, it was offering an all-in-one back office software solution for staffing firms, but found that the finance offering, which bridged the dreaded monthly funding gap at far more favourable rates, got the best reaction. Wanting to focus efforts on this product, the company pivoted – and enlisted TopLine to spread the good word. Since then, Sonovate has been named in the Everline Future 50, has had a video spotlight hosted on The Daily Telegraph’s Business Club (starring CEO Richard Prime’s sweet burgundy jumper), and has been named a Guardian Startup of the Year.

And if you’re a generalist software company that wants to focus on (or dabble in) recruitment, we’ve got you covered there too – we’ve been working with iFollowOffice, a cloud desktop company that specialises in recruitment, and the company has already seen some excellent results. New HR clients, appearances in  The Daily Telegraph, high-profile coverage in major trade outlets; with a little help from a recruitment technology PR agency, you can do pretty much anything!

Need recruitment technology PR? Call the experts today. We mean us. We’re the experts. Obviously. 


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