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PR strategy

PR strategy

Whoever creates a B2B marketing strategy for you should be asking certain questions to identify what is preventing prospects from buying from you? Too much choice? Lack of awareness? Low credibility in the market? Lack of visibility online? If your B2B PR agency doesn’t understand the barriers to purchase then it’s difficult for them to devise a PR strategy that helps you gain traction with customers.

Be cautious of any agency that claims PR is the solution to every marketing challenge. If your sales challenges are closer to the bottom of the funnel and more about influencing prospects at the point of purchase, then pure PR probably isn’t right for you. Instead a lead generation programme using content marketing, PPC, SEO and maybe even direct mail would be more suitable.

Likewise if the barrier you’re facing is a lack of awareness or credibility in the market – a problem shared by start-ups as well as bigger companies wanting to educate prospects on new offerings – then a B2B PR agency used to extracting the most interesting stories to craft news and push thought leadership in the national and vertical print, online and broadcast media should be of real interest to you. As should an explainer video company used to conveying complex messages succinctly using creative animation.  

The best digital strategies often use a combination of marketing disciplines in creative ways to help businesses achieve their goals. But they’re also flexible. Every one of them will be measurable against KPIs designed to show how well the strategy is performing. If it’s not working, or the opposite is true and part of the strategy proves to be sensationally standalone effective, then your B2B PR agency should be ready to adapt the strategy for the benefit of your business.

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