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Struggling to engage a target audience? Got lots to say but no-one listening? Need a forum for your content away from your stuffy corporate website?

We're an award-winning B2B content marketing agency As a B2B content marketing agency, we know how effective a microsite can be as part of any campaign. We’ve created them, managed them, populated them, promoted them and built social communities around them, all in the name of content marketing. 

Microsites run the whole gamut of budget, design, and scope – but a good B2B content marketing agency will get you results regardless. For example, the viral campaign for the 2008 movie The Dark Knight was run through WhySoSerious.com and contributed to the film’s eventual $1billion box office gross, while something like ElfYourself went viral with a simple flash game.

Of course, we’re not going to tell you about them without showing you a few of your own; at TopLine, we’ve had a great deal of success with our own microsites. The B2B PR Blog helped establish the company as a thought leader in the marketing, PR, and communications space: it won Best Business Blog at the 2013 SomeComm Awards and won Best Blog at the 2015 and 2016 UK Agency Awards. More importantly, it's generated heaps of inbound leads for us. 

SmallBusinessHeroes.co.uk is another award-winning example. It’s featured advice pieces, interviews, and general blog content from business experts and entrepreneurs, and it’s cultivated an active following on social media, with around 2,000 Twitter followers and 20,000+ Facebook fans – making it the driving force behind Facebook’s largest UK SME community. It also generated over 500 SME leads for its sponsor, WorldPay, in just 12 months!

We're a B2B content marketing agency, and we can help you incorporate microsites into your overall comms strategy. Contact our content marketing specialists today.

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