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Do you have a complex B2B message you struggle to get your prospects to understand? Do words and pictures on a page fail to do your product justice? Is your company sitting on knowledge your target audience is desperate for, but who, as a whole, are suffering from whitepaper fatigue? Do you know video would be a great medium to communicate with your B2B audience but also that video done badly would do more harm than good? These questions are based on conversations we’ve had as a B2B content marketing agency with companies that need to add expertly shot videos and professional animations to their content marketing mix.

The thing is, when you think of video as a content marketing tool, the first thing that likely comes to mind is user-generated material. Given the phenomenal success of YouTube, this is understandable: it’s visited millions of times per day, and many of its most popular clips are created by and uploaded by individuals with no public profile or budget to speak of.

But these are typically videos for non-purchasing consumers, not B2B prospects who need to be carefully nurtured through the sales funnel. Professional video and animation with award-winning directing and editing is what B2B video as a content marketing tactic is all about. And we’ve got the facts to back it up. There’s that old Cisco chestnut about 71 per cent of web traffic being video by 2017; We're a B2B content marketing agency and we make excellent videos - just ask GAGAGOthere’s the fact that people prefer watching a clip to reading a whitepaper, seeing a live demo, watching a webinar, and a bunch of other ways to learn about it; and finally, visitors to your site are 144 per cent more likely to convert after watching an expertly crafted product/solution video.

Indeed, any good B2B content marketing agency should be able to tell you that video is a versatile medium, and it can be used profitably for almost any purpose. For B2B in particular, it’s important that your company is presented professionally – nothing turns a prospect off faster than a smartphone-quality self-shot effort.

TopLine Comms is an integrated B2B content marketing agency, and we’ll take care of the entire filmmaking process: from scripting and storyboarding to shooting, editing, and colour grading. Talk to our director today! 

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