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Crisis comms

Crisis comms

A crisis can occur in the blink of an eye and if your company is caught unprepared, things can easily spiral out of control. Before you know what's happening you’re being put on the spot by a hostile reporter and your grip on the situation is slipping.

Good crisis communications in the first instance requires spotting a potential crisis in advance, but it also means killing an unfavourable story or limiting the fallout when it occurs. And that means working with, rather than against, the media, which is why you'd use us, a double award-winning crisis communications agency, to help you develop a crisis strategy and then manage its implementation the minute the need arises.

Whether your company needs crisis simulation training, advice on one-off crisis PR scenarios or a dedicated 24/7 press response team, our considerable experience and media relationships can protect your reputation and brand before, during and after a crisis.

As a specialist integrated crisis communications agency, we can draw on the expertise of our PR, social media and video production teams to help you prepare for any crisis and manage your response via any channel.

Don't wait until a crisis occurs to engage a top crisis PR agency, Speak to our CEO, Heather Baker or email to learn what we can do for you.

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