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Educational Video Production

When choosing an educational video production company to work with, you need to make sure they are reliable, creative and professional. More importantly, they need to understand the science behind education and memory retention. 

Our educational video production team consists of video, animation and messaging experts who will help you to create an unforgettable, high-definition educational video that is made to last.

You'll be working with professionals throughout the process, from concept development to storyboarding, script writing, sourcing voice and acting talent, producing, filming, editing and mastering. The result will be a technically flawless, engaging educational video.

We have worked with major global brands (e.g. Virgin), NGOs (e.g. RNIB), tech start-ups and local government and are proud of our unbroken track record of happy clients. We’ll work with you to create an educational video that is memorable, comprehensive and engaging.

Contact our head of production, Jamie, and he’ll call you right back to discuss your brief. Alternatively you can email us on

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