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Explainer Video London

Many people find themselves lost when commissioning an explainer video. There are major decisions to be made, such as what style of animation will work best and who should do the voice over. A mistake made during planning will result in an explainer video that falls flat or needs to be remade within a year.

At TopLine, we work with you from concept to delivery to ensure that your explainer video achieves its objectives. We help you choose a style that will resonate with your audience and last for years, craft a script to encourage your viewer to watch on, and advise on length, voice over and sound effects. All our recommendations are based on extensive experience and research into what makes video content effective - not the personal preferences of a few individuals. 

The result is an explainer video that gets your concept across quickly and makes anyone watching want to know more.

Our talented explainer video (London-based) team has produced explainers for start-ups, charities and global brands, helping them demonstrate their products and services, engage their audiences and ultimately sell more. The results leave our clients consistently delighted – in every instance they have gone on to recommend us!

If you want to work with an explainer video company in London that will genuinely deliver, email us (hello@toplinecomms.com) or get in touch to discuss your brief with Jamie, our head of production. 

10 things to consider if you want a great explainer video

1. Messaging. Pre-production is really important. Figure out exactly the message you want the audience to take away, and build your whole video around this. 

2. The brief. Don't let the direction of the narrative become diluted. Is it an overview video? Is it a product explainer video? Is it a recruitment video? Whatever the purpose of your video, build out your brief from there. 

3. The script. Your CEO might know everything about the company/product but they aren’t necessarily the best person to write the script. Our explainer video London-based copywriters work wonders with bullet points and key messages that you might provide – meaning we can deliver concise, snappy scripts that (most importantly) work well for video.

4. The narrative. Just like the script, the overall story can get fluffy and diluted. Test the concept and the narrative with a few prospects to make sure it works - your viewers will thank you for it.

5. Choosing between characters and abstract. A tricky one sometimes, but this is often a natural decision that surfaces once messaging and brief are nailed. Sometimes characters are one hundred percent the way to go; other times, they seem silly and totally inappropriate. 

6. Design. Have a design that demonstrates slick production value and works seamlessly with the narrative and script. Everything really does have to work in harmony if you want a great explainer video production. 

7. Attention to detail. Frame to frame transitions, added visual details (a bird here, a butterfly there) really can make things go from ‘great’ to ‘amazing’. 

8. Length. No-one has time to invest in watching long videos. Keep it short and sweet. Aim for 90 seconds max. Most humans can’t concentrate for longer than that, and you can probably say what you need to say in 60 seconds. TIP: look at your script. Cut the dead weight.

9. Music. Often overlooked, music can really make or break your video: tone, feeling, reaction from your viewer are all things you need to consider. And be sure to watch your video alongside the track in question. Don’t guess and hope for the best. 

10. Sound design. Sound design can really elevate the overall production. Visuals become heightened and your audience won’t even understand why. It’s discreet and magical. Use it (when appropriate) if you can.

Email our explainer video London team on hello@toplinecomms.com for more details, or get in touch to discuss your brief with Jamie, our head of production. 
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