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HubSpot CRM Training


Why bother with HubSpot CRM training?

Well, HubSpot’s CRM is a terrific choice for marketing agencies, and we don’t say that lightly. We’d know: we’ve tried a few ourselves, and we’ve been burned before. That cycle of sales patter, raised hopes, dashed expectations, and the crushing realisation that you’ve spent a not-significant amount of money on a tool you significantly dislike is familiar to us. Getting HubSpot’s CRM was a very different and much better experience – and the fact that, today, we’re a HubSpot partner agency should say it all.

But here’s the awkward, essential caveat: when we got HubSpot, we were already marketing experts. To their professional credit and their social detriment, our team are bona fide dorks about this stuff. They go to – and speak at – marketing conferences; they read – and contribute to – marketing blogs; they’re interested in – and understand – marketing as an industry.

Despite these advantages, there was still something of a learning curve when we first logged into the CRM. HubSpot’s software is brilliant, but it is not always intuitive for non-marketeers.

That’s why we’re offering HubSpot CRM training.

What’s involved?

HubSpot CRM training can be delivered at our site or on your premises in London. Our half-day sessions start at £500 and are designed to fit your precise sales and marketing requirements.

As a comprehensive introduction to HubSpot’s CRM tool and the Inbound Methodology, our training is designed to teach you everything you need to know about the platform – improving your confidence, competence, and eventually, your sales funnel.

Our courses cover the full CRM and marketing toolkit. We can help you achieve proficiency with whatever components of HubSpot you use.  

The training includes:

Setup and implementation. Work the dashboard; add your team members; manage contacts; create deals, tasks, and templates. Whatever it is, we can help you get it up and running. 

Buyer persona creation. Because ‘Target Audience Tina’ and ‘Prospect Pete’ won’t really cut the mustard. We take you on a deep-dive into customer psychology, creating buyer personas that speak to your end-users’ needs and desires.

Lead identification, management, and conversion. Has a prospect visited your site, completed a form, or downloaded an eBook? We’ll show you how to identify them – and nurture them towards a sale.

Strategic consultancy.
We take an interdisciplinary approach to HubSpot ourselves – using it for everything from content marketing to SEO – and are happy to show you how to do the same.


Why TopLine?

At TopLine, we live, breathe, and ingest (don’t ask) two things: marketing, and technology. As a HubSpot partner agency and integrated marketing experts, we’re ideally placed to advise on both.

We’re an award-winning communications agency. Our team is full of experienced professionals – each one a specialist in their own little corner of the marketing world.

As such, we’re not interested in providing dry, ‘have-you-tried-turning- it-off-and-on-again’ support to our customers. It’s boring for you and it’s boring for us.

Instead, whether you’re a complete newbie or a veteran of several other CRM tools, our intention is that you come out of our training sessions with a deeper understanding of marketing automation – and how to turn it to your business’ advantage.

To discuss your HubSpot CRM training options, get in touch with our CEO.

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