Inbound vs outbound marketing

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Inbound vs. outbound marketing

Inbound vs. outbound marketing
Remember outbound marketing? Back then, they just called it ‘marketing’. It was a much simpler time: medicine was based on the four humours, public transport consisted of a few serfs tied to the front of a chariot, and selling your product was much, much easier.
You were given a budget, you spent it on some stuff for people to see and some people to talk to those people about it. Eventually folks would buy your stuff because it was the stuff they had seen and heard of. You could literally annoy people into becoming customers. Thus was the marketing industry born, and lo, it was good.
But times, of course, have changed, and inbound marketing is the way it’s done now. With the advent of the internet, search engines, reviews, comparison sites, and more, customers now have access to an all-you-can-eat buffet of products and services. They can afford to be picky, and they will be. If they feel like you haven’t done enough to earn their interest or their trust on your website, they won’t take a chance: they’ll just move on to the next thing.
The advent of inbound is great, because it forces companies to up their game in several respects. For one thing, having a better product actually gives you an edge now (in terms of positive reviews and word of mouth). For another, inbound encourages companies to produce better marketing materials in their efforts to attract customers.
Hell, let’s be totally honest for a second. This probably isn’t the first or only website for a HubSpot partner agency that you’re going to visit. You intend to shop around and see if you can find something that works for you – and it’s good that you can be so discerning. The issue: so can your customers.
Being an integrated comms consultancy and all, this is very much our sort of thing. At TopLine, we’ve got an extensive background in lead-gen focused inbound marketing. Think shaking up your content marketing might do the trick? Our copywriters pride themselves on writing web copy, blogs, thought leadership pieces and ads that other people actually want to read. Want to get up and running on HubSpot? We’ve got sacksful of experience with the platform – and we’re officially HubSpot-certified to boot.
Having trouble getting people to actually find your website? We’re a B2B SEO agency as well, and we’re pretty damned good at it. Reckon an animated explainer video might get your prospects to linger on your homepage a little longer? Our team killed the radio star, and his entire family.
Whether you want all of the above, or only some, we’re one of the only HubSpot partner agencies in London, nay the world, that offers all of these services (and more!) – and to an excellent standard.
Don’t believe us? We get it, we get it. You’ve been hurt before, and you’ll never be hurt again. You’re a strong, independent company, and you’d rather wait your whole lives for the right B2B inbound marketing agency than waste precious time and energy on the wrong one. In which case, ask our customers instead!
Then, when you’re reassured that we know what we’re talking about, get in touch.
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