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Media Training London

Media Training London

With around 15 million newspapers sold each day, 11 international TV stations and online media usage growing by around 50 per cent each year, Britain has one of the most diverse and far-reaching media industries in the world. With the right communications strategy, the international print, online and broadcast media can become your organisation's allies, but to get the most out of your campaigns you need to know how to work with them.

Our trainers are experienced journalists who help your organisation's spokespeople get it right with the media.

We make sure you:

  • Are confident dealing with journalists and broadcasters
  • Understand what the media requires of you, and how this changes in different parts of the world
  • Can answer difficult questions under pressure
  • Can give a great performance in front of the camera when being interviewed
  • Can spot and avoid common interview pitfalls
  • Are able to enhance your credibility and that of your organisation

Each session is bespoke and run by a senior national business and news journalist. Our trainers bring a wealth of practical experience, having worked with organisations that include Barclays, BT, the Bank of England, John Lewis, and Lloyd's of London. We offer training in:

  • Dealing with the media.
  • Crisis PR, management and simulation.
  • Strategic message development.
  • Presentations and public speaking.

Interested in some media training? Get in touch with us and one of our consultants will assess your requirements and provide a quote, you can also email us on

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