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Call our head of production, Jamie, on +44(0)20 7580 6502 to discuss your video, or complete the form and he will get back to you.

Meet Our Director

Meet our director

This is Jamie, our director - and hopefully yours. Don't let the TopLine office dog's mopey face fool you; she always looks like that. He's actually a pretty cool guy. Before arriving at TopLine, Jamie cut his teeth freelancing for the likes of ITN, MTV, and The Business Channel, and worked as full-time shooting producer/director.He’s got the experience, the credentials, and the moxie required to provide exactly what you need. Whatever your video requirements, he can help.

Here’s Jamie with the two best cameras in the world – the Arri Alexa and the Red Epic Dragon – and two members of our production team. He likes Sian and Dan a great deal, but he would throw both of them into an active volcano before he saw either device suffer a scratch. That’s true professionalism.

Our production team

Not only does he love his cameras, he knows how to use them. Need your live event recorded? He’ll make it seem like your audience is there in person. Need a TV ad that’s better than the actual program? Well, it depends on the show; TV’s really good these days. Nevertheless, he’ll come up with something that’ll make your customers sit up and take notice.If you need to put a little pizzazz in your production, Jamie’s your man.


That said, Jamie doesn’t need a camera to shine: having produced cartoon explainersadvertisementscase studies, and more, he’s equally adept with animation. It’s a terrific, versatile medium, and he knows it inside out: he’s produced animated films for Admiral and Fidelity Insurance; he’s worked with private military contractors and graduate recruiters.No matter the company, no matter the brief, TopLine’s production team has the skills and know-how to deliver a video that will engage your target audience.

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