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Let’s a closer look at some of the search engine optimisation services we offer.

SEO consultancy and strategy planning

While we get the occasional enquiry from a company struggling with a Google penalty, wondering why their organic traffic and leads have dropped off a cliff edge, we are more often called upon to dispense strategic SEO advice and help companies plan for the longer term. This could include website and competitor analyses; bespoke training to enable an internal team to execute on the SEO strategy; or it could be a comprehensive service that includes planning and execution.

Every new TopLine client benefits from an in-depth strategy planning and research phase resulting in a solid 12-month+ roadmap including detail on technical fixes, content requirements, and PR angles needed to generate top quality links, to help them make progress with organic search.

Keyword research

A staple SEO service, keyword research is still fundamental to SEO success. Afterall, if you don’t know what your target audience is searching for then how can you possibly produce content designed to attract them to your site? Central to our keyword research process is a solid understanding of the industry you operate in and the products and services you offer. Our keyword research will involve everything from interviews with your subject matter experts and sales teams, to reviews of related PPC results and competitor websites. Our teams will then assess keyword volumes, keyword difficulty scores and the strength of your website, before making judgements on targets based on volume, competition and user intent. Keywords will then be mapped to existing pages on your site or designated to new pages that our content team will produce.

PR-led link building

One of our most popular SEO services is PR-led link building. Link building has been a key element of SEO since Google co-founder Larry Page first introduced the concept of PageRank while studying at Stanford.

Unfortunately, early link building strategies were frequently designed to game the system for short term reward (some of these techniques included creating private link networks,  and spamming comment boxes and online forums). Google introduced its Penguin update in 2012 to combat spammy link building, which means that PR or editorial-led links have become the most sought-after and most effective. Google has also recently started paying closer attention to brand mentions in online publications (Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes said in 2017: “If ‘The Wall Street Journal’ writes an article about you, then that’s probably a good thing.”) The power of PR-led link building not only lies in the ability to generate followed links from high authority contextually relevant editorial sites, but the resulting brand mentions in these publications sends search engines very clear signals on topics you want your site to rank for.

YouTube and video optimisation

YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world, is a great source of traffic for companies looking to attract prospects at every stage of the sales funnel. While the basics of YouTube video optimisation are straightforward, ensuring everything from the scripting to the shooting of the video itself is optimised and part of your strategic SEO plan, is much harder. We work with our sister agency TopLine Film on great video designed to drive traffic from both within YouTube and in the organic search results themselves.

Outside of YouTube, video is playing a more important role than ever in the marketing mix. However, there currently isn’t a search engine in the world capable of understanding video content on its own. Video context is required in the form of transcriptions, on page copy and structured data. We work with you to ensure your video looks great AND drives traffic.

While there are a lot of agencies out there that offer cookie-cutter SEO services, we are unique due to our PR-led SEO focus.

We’ve seen our blend of services result in record high rankings, organic traffic and leads for many of the businesses we work with – check out our case studies to find out more, or get in contact today to discuss your brief.

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