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Many agencies claim to be SEO experts, but finding a good SEO agency in Cape Town (or anywhere really) is tricky. We often work with companies that request our SEO services after having had a bad experience elsewhere.

The main issues are that, even though their website’s rankings may have improved, they still aren’t competing successfully for key search terms. Nor are they generating more inbound leads. In some extreme cases, Google has penalised their websites for using unethical optimisation tactics. Unfortunately, this is not easy to rectify.

Our Cape Town SEO agency services have a very specific purpose – to deliver growth.

Ethical SEO

As B2B marketing experts, our approach to SEO is professional, creative, data-driven and above all, ethical. We work closely with our clients to achieve maximum impact from everything we do. Our work is built around KPIs, and we are consistently testing and tweaking our client campaigns to ensure the best results. We also take effective link building very seriously – it’s one of Google’s top factors for ranking websites.

Lead-generating SEO

A successful SEO strategy will steadily boost your website’s organic search rankings. An increase in traffic is key to increasing inbound leads. We believe that any Cape Town SEO agency worth its salt needs to take this approach, and should be measured on the organic traffic and inbound leads its strategy delivers.

Quality over quantity

You want to attract the best leads, not just any and all leads. When a relevant prospect is searching online for your products or services, you want your website to be at the top of the results page so that they click on you first. These people are looking for your product/solution which means they are interested and ready to buy. This is what good lead generation looks like and this is what our Cape Town SEO services excel at delivering.

PR is important for SEO

We have a background in PR which gives us a unique advantage over other agencies. Our PR skills enable us to build your site’s credibility with quality inbound links. This is important because successful SEO is not simply about updating metadata – it’s about building your brand’s reputation too. Our B2B PR agency background means we know how to help your company stand out from competitors targeting the same search terms.

Sustainable SEO

Every time Google updates its algorithm, our clients’ websites have stood firm. Many of their competitors’ sites have not been so fortunate and have suffered penalties. Search engine optimisation expertise is not static. We make sure that our search marketing knowledge is relevant and up-to-date. Our approach is fuelled by one important mission: to get you to the top of page one and then keep you there.

A winning team

Our team of SEO and PR experts gets the right balance between being professional and friendly. Clients like us but they stay with us for one reason – we deliver real results. Our hard work has paid off in leaps and bounds, most recently in winning ‘Best Search Campaign’ at the UK Agency Awards.

We deliver real results

Our approach to SEO delivers real, measurable results for our clients. Their websites have climbed up Google’s search results pages to the top spots. Clients have enjoyed increased traffic and qualified leads – all while reducing their cost per acquisition.

But don’t just take our word for it. Our SEO achievements for Access Self Storage are well worth a read. We’ve also applied our SEO expertise to our own site. Over 70% of the leads we generate come through our website which demonstrates our search marketing know-how and ability to deliver. The rest of our leads come from client recommendations.

Our clients

If you want your website to start delivering better leads, then it’s time for a Cape Town SEO agency that can achieve real results.

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