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Social Media Experts

Social Media Experts
Finding experts to design and run your social media strategy is tricky – not least because there’s often disagreement about what constitutes a meaningful result. Social media channels are flooded with content – which means your business needs a strategy that will make it stand out.

Our team of social media experts designs and implements strategies that motivate your prospects to act. We’re skilled at researching your prospects and understanding how they would like to engage with your company and what type of contact prompts them to respond. We also know exactly how to get under the skin of your business to identify the persuasive and original content you already own and the opportunities that already exist to engage with prospects.

We bring all of this together into sharply focussed and highly creative campaigns that combine a range of different social media channels and techniques. These are managed using powerful marketing software that enables us to neatly segment your prospect data, and measure in real time how campaigns are performing.

Within months, you will have a sustainable social media campaign that is constantly refined in response to prospect behaviour and feedback.

What’s more, we’re not just social media experts – we also offer strategic content services that draw on the full suite of marketing disciplines and have Google- and Hootsuite-certified experts on our team, working alongside award-winning bloggers and television broadcasters.

For social media that generates leads as well as likes, get in touch with our CEO, Heather.
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