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US PR Agency

So you’re looking to make it in the US. You’re certainly not alone: many before you have tried, with decidedly mixed results. For every BP, a Tesco; for every Beatles, a Robbie Williams. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, the American market can be a tough nut to crack – not least because there isn’t really a single, unified “American market”. 

Each one of the nation’s fifty states has different economies, traditions, and regulations: a financial services company might do well in New York, but poorly in Montana; a dairy company may prosper in the cheese kingdom of Wisconsin, but struggle in Michigan.    

To succeed, you need to know these industries inside out. Crucially, you also need to be known – and to be known, you need help from experts. A solid US PR agency with the right capability and experience is essential to your efforts in this region. 

US PR Agency

The best local support

The US and the UK share a lot of common ground: we have a shared tongue, our politicians are pretty cosy, we send them actors and they send us critically acclaimed dramas. 

We’re very close – but we’re not quite the same. Many agencies make the mistake of assuming that their efforts in the UK will translate quickly, conveniently, and seamlessly to the US. We’re not one of them: when you work with us you get local support from US PR professionals with regional knowhow – not a UK PR agency with an international offshoot. 

We have extensive experience in the American market. From coast to coast, state to state, and city to city, our efforts have helped companies generate leads, boost profiles, and establish a foothold in this competitive – and highly desirable – market. 

Get the coverage that matters

At TopLine, your account will be handled by a dedicated comms consultant – a single point of contact with access to experienced US media relations specialists. These experts understand the market inside out: from national and regional publications such as the Washington Post and Forbes, to region and industry-specific trade outlets such as Crain’s Chicago Business and 

We want to get you in front of the audience that matters most to your business – whether they read The New York Times or Broom, Brush, and Mop. We adjust the content, the style, and the tone to each specific market, but we keep your messaging consistent across every industry and geography. 

What’s more, as a data-driven US PR agency, we’re able to prove it. We’ll get you noticed in your target market, and whatever we accomplish – the incremental improvements of a week; the significant improvements of a year’s work – will be quantifiable and verifiable and recorded in a monthly report.
We also operate across these European markets:
  • France
  • Germany
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
And we are able to set up hubs in other countries upon request.

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