How we've kept 1,000 clients happy

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How we've kept over 1,000 clients happy

We’ve made over 1,000 videos and we’ve never let a client down. Our head of production, Jamie, explains how we’ve done it
There’s a fair bit of uncertainty involved in running a video production agency. With multiple jobs on the go at any given time, crew on location all over the world, voice over artists, sound engineers and studios to book, and millions of pounds’ worth of equipment to keep track of, it’s easy for things to go wrong.

So when we set up the video department here at TopLine, we knew it was important to minimise the chance of it all going pear shaped for our clients. We know that we can’t control everything (sometimes weather just happens before you can tell it not to), but we decided to make client service a priority and do our darnedest to ensure every client is delighted with their video. Here’s how we do it.


We only hire the best 

Most video companies will brag about their great team, but few will go to the lengths that TopLine does to ensure they find (and keep) the best in the industry. We receive over 200 applications to each vacancy in our production department, yet it still sometimes takes us months to fill a role. We live by the mantra: “If it’s not a ‘hell yes’, it’s a ‘no’.” That means we only ever hire people we’re absolutely sure about. 

Process is part of our DNA

From document naming to task and expense management, every activity at TopLine is governed by a clearly defined process. And every team member is motivated to learn and follow those processes. That means we don’t misplace documents, work off an old version of a script by accident, or overlook any detail. We’re very good at dealing with the unexpected, but we like to start by preventing unpleasant surprises from happening in the first place. 

And we embrace technology

From task management to file storage our whole production department is run off secure cloud-based software tools, ensuring a level of efficiency that most video production agencies would struggle to match.  

We treat footage like rare diamonds

Once we’ve made your footage we are obsessed with keeping it safe which means we back it up immediately. As soon as filming has finished, a secure copy is made right there on location before the trip back to TopLine HQ, just in case. We then transfer all footage onto our cloud-based media server. Cloud-based video storage is rare in production companies, especially when you only film in 4K as we do, because file sizes are massive. But we have an uncontested fibre line meaning we can secure all footage, no matter the size, quickly and without risk.

We keep our clients informed

Don’t get me wrong – we believe we are fully responsible for bringing great ideas to our clients, but once our creative direction has been agreed, our production process is broken into milestones. After each one, you, our client, get to approve work -  we get your feedback and sign off before moving onto the next stage. That way, you’re never surprised by the finished product – you’ve had the opportunity to provide input throughout the process to ensure your video is absolutely as you want it.

We respect our suppliers

We have a solid in-house team of camera operators, editors, script writers, producers and directors. But when we bring in freelancers (e.g. voice over artists, tech specialists or sound engineers) we treat them as we like to be treated: we’re organised, professional and we pay their invoices on time. This means that they like to work with us, and they are motivated to do every job well.

When things go wrong, we do whatever it takes

Occasionally, stuff happens. It’s never ideal, but our team is so committed to delivering a quality product every time, that they will do whatever is required to ensure we don’t let you down. On rare occasions that has meant working into the early hours of the morning, organising a reshoot on a Saturday or hand delivering the footage to an important event.
Take it from me, I’ve been doing this for years: when you choose TopLine as your video production agency, you are in safe hands. Drop me a line to discuss your video brief.

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