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We’re a talented and creative animation company that has produced explainers for start-ups, charities and global brands, helping them demonstrate their products and services, engage their audiences and ultimately sell more. The results leave our clients consistently delighted – in every instance they would recommend us!

If you want to work with an explainer video company in London that will genuinely deliver get in touch to discuss your project with Jamie, our head of production.

Our explainer video production process

Your brief

We start by getting an in-depth understanding of your animated video brief. Why are you doing this animation in the first place? What does it need to achieve for your organisation?


Once we know your brief, we can then figure out exactly the message you want the audience to take away. We will build your whole animated explainer video around this.


Our explainer video (London-based) script writers work wonders weaving key messages into interesting and engaging scripts. We can deliver concise, snappy scripts that (most importantly) work well for video.

Choosing a style

Deciding between characters and abstract can be tricky, but this is often a natural decision that surfaces once messaging and brief are nailed. Sometimes characters are one hundred percent the way to go; other times, they seem silly and totally inappropriate.


We ensure that every explainer video production we deliver has a design that demonstrates slick production value and works seamlessly with the narrative and script. Everything really does have to come together in harmony if you want a great explainer.

Style frames

Style frames illustrate how characters, objects and environments will look in the final animation. It’s great to get these signed off before animation actually starts so you can ensure you are fully happy with what your animated explainer will look like.


To make doubly sure you love your finished animation, we develop a short preview that you get to feedback on before we develop the final version.


Most animated videos will require voice actors and music. You’ll choose an artist and your script will be recorded in-studio – directed by your producer.


Often overlooked, music can really make or break your explainer video: tone, feeling, reaction from your viewer are all things you need to consider. In the edit suite, music will be added to your animation, along with any sound effects that you may require.

Sound design

Sound design can really elevate the overall production. Visuals become heightened and your audience won’t even understand why. It’s discreet and magical. Use it (when appropriate) if you can.


When your animation is complete, it can typically be supplied with finished master files in your chosen format. Specific versions can also be tailored for website delivery and online hosting.

Discuss your explainer animation project with our head of production, Jamie.

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