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Insurance Animations

There’s no getting around it: if you work for an insurance company, you’re at something of a disadvantage when it comes to marketing your product. It’s not because you’re boring – far from it – but it’s not the sort of thing that conventional promotional material is likely to be very helpful with: you can’t just get an underwear model to hold it aloft and watch the leads roll in (unfortunately). Your offering may be amazing, but it’s also probably fairly complex – and whatever your unique selling point, it’s not going to be engaging if nobody can understand it.

This is where insurance animations designed and created by a great video company come in. In a competitive market full of live-action videos where an old guy talks very slowly about a thing nobody has any reason to care about (yet), an animation can be a great way to get your audience hooked immediately. Where a video filmed in the real world comes with a bunch of limitations – what you can do is dependent on cameras, actors, favourable weather, the whims of vengeful gods, etc. – an insurance animation is unburdened by such earthly fetters. You can do anything! On-screen graphics, pitched battles, whatever. You can make pet insurance that FLIES.

And at a video company like TopLine, we’re really good at this type of commission. Headed by production chief Jamie Field, our team has produced quality animated explainer videos for clients large, small, and right in the middle. Our in-house animators and script writers collaborate closely to ensure your insurance animation has a singular, consistent vision, and we always deliver a product that informs and educates your customers – and one that encourages them to convert quickly.

Want proof? Check out our insurance animations for Admiral, and Fidelity below.

Look, there’s no insurance for a crap video – you guys should probably get on that, by the way. Your best chance of getting the animation you’re after is to talk to Jamie Field, TopLine’s head of production. Whether you want a TV ad in Switzerland or an explainer video in London, he’ll sort it out. 

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