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Recruitment Video Production

As a recruitment company you have three audiences: clients, candidates, and your own current and future recruits. Add that to the so-vast-we-can’t-get-our-head-around-it number of recruitment firms opening up each year, shake it all up, and you’ve got a pretty pressing need to get good video content made by a great video company, fast.
If you’re going to mount something proudly on your homepage you’ll need your recruitment video production to be undertaken by people who know how to make it interesting and original – and how to make it speak effectively to all three parts of your audience at the same time. We’re pretty sure that’s us. We know, we know. Big words. But we're a video company with a track record to back them up.

Don’t believe us? It’s okay. Trust issues are fairly common, especially if you haven’t gotten what you need from a recruitment video production agency in the past. Why don’t you check out all our past videos for recruitment companies below before you commit? After all, we got video company award nominations for our Give a Grad a Go animation; we captured the energy (haha) of Spencer Ogden’s roundtable series; and we produced this (very blue) explainer animation for Optimus Search. That makes us pretty good (if we may say so ourselves).

The abridged version: we know what we’re doing, we’ve done it many times before, and we know how to do it in a way that will resonate with your target audience.

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