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The social video production process includes many elements of general video production. We work with you to develop a strategy, analyse your audience, brainstorm concepts, draft storyboards and scripts, find the right talent, film, edit and deliver a brilliant piece of content.

But there’s more to creating a social video than making sure it looks good and is on-message. Social media videos also need to be shareable and technically suitable for social platforms. Native video plays a crucial role here. This refers to video content that is made first and foremost for sharing on social media. It’s uploaded to or created directly on social networks and played in-feed. Each social platform has its own native video formats that are specifically designed to maximise distribution, shareability and audience engagement.

We can help you create great video content that is not only entertaining and engaging, but made to measure for the social media platforms that are relevant to your brand.


We make sure that your social videos are optimised for different platforms. A video that works on Facebook may need an edit for Instagram and a whole new approach for Twitter.

Organic social marketing

Organic social marketing earns its results – rather than pays for them. It depends fully on creating and posting good content, and engaging with audiences to push content further.

Paid social marketing

Paid social marketing helps brands reach a wide audience quickly. We believe that a combined strategy of organic and paid media delivers the best business results.

Mobile friendly

Mobile-friendly social media marketing needs to be well-timed, to the point and optimised for use on mobile devices. People typically check their phones in between other tasks so your content needs to provide value fast.


Shareable social media content is always high-quality stuff that interests or entertains users. Our social video production team delivers relevant, credible content that is always worth sharing.

Real-time engagement

Creating and posting content is half the job. To build a loyal following and attract new audiences, your social media marketing efforts need to engage with people in the moment – not five days later.

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