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We Write Scripts

In the 1950s, Francois Truffaut advanced the ‘auteur theory’. The basic idea was that directors served as the creative engines of their productions, and therefore take sole responsibility for them. If a film fails, it’s all their fault; if it succeeds, they get all the credit. They’re the alpha and omega of the process, and it all comes down to them. Scriptwriters. Pfft. Who needs ‘em? As long as you’ve got the right person in charge, everything’s going to turn out hunky dory. 

Well, Truffaut was a director. He would say that.

We’re lucky to have one of the best directors in his field (no pun intended) on staff, but at TopLine, we know that’s not going to be enough. Video is about collaboration, and in order to succeed, everyone should be firing on all cylinders: the director should have an idea of how they’re going to bring the vision to life; the editor has to cut it together in a form that makes sense; the audio designer needs to ensure your bespoke music doesn’t sound like it’s being played on a phonograph. And you need a script that will get right to the heart of your audience, and stay there.   

But scriptwriting is a thing agencies and production houses struggle with – not least because most of them don’t do it. At TopLine, we’re proud to offer in-house scripting services to all our video clients: you won’t have to find another agency, trawl Gumtree for freelancers, or (shudder) write it yourself.

Using our background in PR and comms, we’ll develop your concept and messaging, write snappy dialogue that’ll hook your target audience, and draft stage directions that provide a solid blueprint for the final product. And because we work closely with the production team, we play a massive part in ensuring your video is delivered on-time, on-brand, and on-point.

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