Allen Vanguard

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Allen Vanguard

At first glance this video might look like an online game trailer. But this animated explainer actually relays some serious information, in an engaging and novel way. 

Their Brief

Allen-Vanguard wanted to create a bespoke animation that perfectly explains their customized tech solutions for defeating terrorist and extremist threats, such as Radio Controlled IEDs (RCIEDs). With defence forces and public safety & security agencies around the world trusting Allen-Vanguard to help them save lives every day, they needed an animation with gravity that was crystal clear.
It’s pretty serious stuff, but Allen-Vanguard knew we were the right team for the job and called us in without hesitation.

What We Did

At TopLine we like to get involved with everything, and that’s exactly what we did here – from script writing to storyboarding and of course, the animation itself. The result? A very slick, tailored animation, which walks the fine tightrope between seriousness and a 'game-like' feel like a circus veteran. Definitely one of our favourites.

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