Artificial Solutions

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Artificial Solutions

A slick, 3D heavy explainer animation detailing the Natural Language Interaction technology from the guys at Artificial Solutions. 

Their Brief

No, it’s not a Blade Runner or a Skynet thing (although, you know, if you’re in the synthetic humanoid game, we’d obviously be delighted to hear from you). Artificial Solutions have an even cooler product: Teneo, a natural language platform that lets you have lifelike conversations with applications and machines. Having struggled to convey their message through written literature, Artificial Solutions – or their sophisticated marketing AI, we honestly can’t be sure – came to us with the need to create an animation that simplified this complex, but exciting product.

What We Did

We set about working on their messaging first, before moving onto scriptwriting, concept development, storyboarding, voice-over, animation, music, and sound design. If that sounds like a lot, it’s because it is – you get bang for your buck (do we need to anglicise this? Panache for your pound?) here at TopLine. We also translated it into a further three languages!

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