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Cambridge University Press

Client: Cambridge University Press
We got very excited using 3D for this explainer animation to help introduce the new Cambridge Core Academic Platform from Cambridge University Press.

Their Brief

Cambridge University Press (CUP) is the oldest and most respected publishing house in the world, and when a company of this stature asks you to make a video, there are very few situations where saying “no” is the right call (we certainly didn’t last time). Since they didn’t ask us to film a cockfight, we obviously said “yes”. 
In 2016, CUP will be launching Cambridge Core, a revolutionary new online resource that will play host to thousands of books, papers, and other electronic content. The company wanted a video to herald the arrival of this new academic hub: something slick, animated, and professional to emphasised the basic appeal and key features of the platform. 

What We Did

Browser windows are great, but when they’re interesting to look at, it’s usually not a good thing. With this video, we’re proud to say we changed that.
We used a circle to represent a kind of rabbit hole: a visual metaphor representing the journey through Cambridge University Press’ prestigious past right through to its bright, modern future. The humble laptop is literally taken to the stars, reflecting how technology can connect the user to a universe full of possibility.
Or – less pretentiously – it just looks really cool and we did a good job. We’ll leave it to you.

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