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Conversocial Explainer

Client: Conversocial
While live-action and animated video are often thought of as separate disciplines, those moments when they come together are always special. There’s the Adam West Batman, with its “BIFs” and “BAMs” and “POWs”. There’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit, where the legendary Bob Hoskins played straight man to the eponymous cartoon bunny. The above video for Conversocial is a modern-day entry in this proud catalogue.

Their Brief

Conversocial needed a video that could explain the real-life applications of their social customer service software. Social media, of course, is fun to use, but if you’ve ever sat down to watch someone tweeting from a mobile or a PC, you’ll understand that it’s not much fun to watch.
The challenge? To make a video that could show how Conversocial serves the social customer – without just showing a bunch of people making a bunch of facial expressions at a bunch of phones

What We Did

We created an appealing blend of live-action, on-location filming in relevant areas – public transport, city airports, etc. etc. – and motion graphics, to demonstrate Conversocial’s leading-edge software in action.
By blending animation and live-action, we took a fairly mundane activity (watching someone chat on social media) and turned it into an informative, appealing video. We were pretty pleased with it – and we’re happy to report that Conversocial feels the same!

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