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My Mate your Date

Their Brief

In 2015, My Mate Your Date were launching their new app, an exciting dating tool which allows young singletons to connect through mutual friends. It’s a great idea that removes the ‘stranger danger’ element of online dating and exponentially reduces the chances of winding up with some kind of cannibal nutter.

Anyway, MMYD figured that a great way to celebrate a cosier, friendlier approach to dating would be a ‘house party’ at the swanky Hoxton Hotel – and they invited us along to film it!

What We Did

At social events like this, it’s always a little tough to balance the need to film stuff with attendees’ general self-consciousness. But our production team managed to pull it off, encouraging partygoers to show how much fun they were having playing beer pong, eating, socialising, and dancing the night away.

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