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Now Interact

Client: Now Interact
A bespoke character animation demonstrating complex technology in a simple and engaging way for this leading Predictive Intelligence company.

Their Brief

Now Interact provides omni-channel predictive intelligence software for e-commerce brands. Its platform tracks customer behaviour on websites and provides real-time insights and recommendations based on user activity. The software will know when a potential buyer is going to push the “Add to Cart” button; it’ll know when they’re going to bail and watch cat videos instead.
It’s some fascinating technology, but it isn’t really the stuff of high-octane live-action narrative. A lot of clicking and tapping, you know? No real dramatic stakes. Anyway, Now Interact figured animation might be a better way to get its message across, so the company came to TopLine’s (always obliging) production team to commission an animated explainer video.  

What We Did

On paper, our video for Now Interact sounds a bit like a lost episode of Doctor Who: the faceless humanoids, the green, slightly alien environment, the bleeding-edge technology. Thankfully, there’s a bit more to it than that.
By using bespoke character designs to simulate the customer journey (against an art style aligned with Now Interact branding), we created something simple, universal, and representative of several different user experiences. Devices, behaviour, preferences; all were unified within distinct buyer personas. The final result? A video that made Now Interact’s complex offering appealing and accessible at the same time.

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