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Optimus Search


Their Brief

Optimus Search uses big data to get the best people: from junior level right up to the C-Suite. They’re young, they’re exciting, and they’re based in Central London – but they were having trouble explaining exactly what they do. This isn’t to say they were stuttering or anything, but rather that their traditional marketing material wasn’t representing their brand as they wanted people to see it.

Optimus figured an animation might be a better way to connect with a wider audience, and approached TopLine’s video team with their commission.

What We Did

Luckily, this sort of thing is our production team’s bread and butter. Starting with messaging, we created a script that covers all sectors that Optimus Search works with. We then designed a fast-paced, character-based animation with some 3D. They loved it so much, we’ve gone on to design a further three animations for them (at this point, we should really just stick them in a boxset).


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